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By Marita Casasola

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Bringing jointly a global and multi-disciplinary crew of major transportation students, this book's imperative premise is that the automobile because the dominant mode of shuttle has to be problematised. It examines a variety of matters which are vital to automobility through situating it inside social, fiscal, and political contexts, and via combining social idea, particular case stories and policy-oriented research.

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Priority corridors will thus become part of a vast continental Asian network under the aegis of international organisations in co-operation with trade organisations in the railway and road haulage industries. As an enlarged Europe reaches out to Asia, steps must be taken to turn this vision into a truly forward-looking process. TRANSPORT LINKS BETWEEN EUROPE AND ASIA – ISBN 92-821-1379-5 - © ECMT, 2006 PART II. 4. A forward-looking process for services between Europe and Asia Analysis of the economic context has shown the abruptness of recent changes, with the expected emergence of the Chinese economy, which itself followed the emergence into the world economy of most of the countries of Asia.

In other words, it calls for a comprehensive undertaking of forward-looking vision, co-operation and empowerment of public organisations on a scale transcending that of most existing regional organisations. The object of this third part is to evoke a certain number of these problems. 1. Market equilibrium and short- and medium-term capacity problems A doubling of traffic every 10 or 12 years over more than four decades inevitably puts pressure on the transport market and strains capacities. This pressure does not show up evenly along the chain, some links being better able to absorb it than others.

The weakness identified for an effective development of transport linkages between Europe and Asia are the persistent problems at border crossings. Facilitation of border crossing procedures, particularly in rail transport, is therefore of utmost importance. 3. As far as land linkages between Europe and Asia are concerned, it would also be advisable to underline the weakness of rail services, but in this respect, and contrary to what has been underlined in the ECMT Consolidated Resolution, it is less the quality of rail services which must be considered, than the interoperability of rail networks, and priority should be given to the main freight routes.

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