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By Karel Werner

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A multi-purpose reference paintings which may still turn into an fundamental spouse for anyone who comes into contact with Hinduism. encompasses a dictionary of Sanskrit and vernacular phrases; a word list of phrases and ideas; and a survey of the historic improvement of Hinduism.

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Ekavrātya a solitary (accomplished) Vrātya wanderer. Ekavrātya the highest cosmic being or deity of the Vrātya tradition known from the AV. Elements (bhūtas) dynamic cosmic forces which, according to most Indian schools of thought, constitute the material universe and its phenomena, often called the ‘great elements’ (mahābhūtas). The theory of four or five elements is of IE origin and was known in European antiquity and recognized virtually up to the birth of modern chemistry and physics. Some systems developed quite sophisticated interpretations of their nature and function.

Having reached its evolutionary peak, the universe begins to deteriorate and eventually collapses before starting to evolve again. The same goes for civilizations and individuals in their successive lives. It is only by conscious decision and consistent effort that individual perfection can be achieved. Fakir (fr. Arab. faqir, ‘pauper’) a Muslim ascetic or saint; a wandering wondermaker or snake-charmer. In keeping with the all-inclusive tendencies of Hinduism, Islamic saints of repute and their graves attract recognition and reverence on the part of Hindus, often more so than in their own fold where some of them may appear to be heretics, because influenced by Hindu practices.

A seer or sage of Brahminic origin. D. 200–450. Brahma Veda another name for the AV. Brahma Vidyā knowledge of the ultimate reality; theology. brahma vihāra (‘divine abode’) the designation for a meditative achievement, a state of mind, known to the Buddhist system and to Patañjali’s Yoga system. It has four stages. brāhmī an early form of writing derived from a Semitic source which was used in Aśoka’s rock edicts and developed later into devanāgarī script. Roy (first as Brahma Sabhā), a kind of Hindu equivalent of European Unitarianism.

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