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By Robert Albritton

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A detailing of the consequences of Kozo Uno's political and fiscal thought. attempts to give an explanation for the humanistic capability of Marxist concept.

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For this reason it was easier for Japanese Marxists to explore the logic of the theory of capital without being diverted by a hegemonic positivist tradition. 6 It is not surprising then that Japanese Marxists are the first to reconstruct the theory of value as a whole as a dialectical logic. Sekine has demonstrated the very close parallel between Hegel's Logic and the dialectic of capital. Just as the basic contradiction in the Logic is between 'Being' and 'Nothing', so the basic contradiction of the dialectic of capital is between value and use-value.

Initially we can only say of value that it is the quality of homogeneity that makes all commodities exchangeable, as opposed to use-value, which initially is the quality of heterogeneity in commodities. II A commodity must be exchanged because it has no use-value to its owner. Goods may sometimes be exchanged, as when a farmer with excess eggs exchanges them for another farmer's excess tomatoes. This sort of exchange between consumers each with an excess wanted by the other is a barter. Barters are occasional and sporadic deals between consumers and have nothing to do with the commodity, which is always and from the beginning produced for exchange.

Uno and Sekine correct this weakness by demonstrating the necessity of the labour theory of value to the dialectic of capital. The Doctrine of Circulation, which begins the dialectic of capital, only reveals the inner logic of the circulation-forms or the operation of the form of value. 24It is only in the Doctrine of Production, after the circulation-forms have subsumed the production process, that we can arrive at an adequate conception of the capitalist production process. First and foremost a capitalist production process requires the commodification of labour-power, because only then can capital produce any commodity whatsoever in accord with social requirements.

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