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One evening, just as I was leaving the office, Martin rang me up. b) The actions of the two clauses may form a succession. In this case naturally only the simple past is found. g. As the sun disappeared, a fresh breeze stirred the new curtains at the window. As I turned back into the room a gust of wind crashed the door shut behind me. 2. A complex sentence with a clause of time introduced by the conjunction while. Here we find two different kinds of time relations between the actions of the two clauses.

On Sunday evening he took her to the pictures. Dan worked in a factory twelve hours a day for five shillings a week. The drive sloped downward to where the house stood. She lived alone in London, and saw no one except me. She was fond of him, but I did not believe that she loved him. He usually took the first morning train. Besides the simple past there are other ways of expressing habitual actions in the past. They are “used to + infinitive” and “would + infinitive”. a)“Used to + infinitive” (pronounced [ju:st] ) generally serves to express habitual actions which may be either point actions or actions of some duration.

G. Sorry! I didn’t mean to hurt you. I slept very badly. You told it beautifully, Grace. g. He came when I was already at home. They started when the sun was rising. The Simple Past is used: 1. To state simple facts in the past. g. She was very beautiful. I did not hear your question. We saw them at the theatre. What did you say? The house stood on the hill. I did not know who the man was. g. Where did you buy that hat? When did you see him? (the answer can be either in the simple past or in the present perfect depending on the situation) – I saw him two days ago.

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