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The later form u is rarely found, but see § 56. 55 a is found in a few instances w ith the m eaning of wo. , Instruni. amon, Sociat. amova. T here is no plural. It is a general dem onstrative, som etim es w ith the se­ condary m eaning “the person or thing ju st m entioned” or “in question” . 21 f. “this king is not your friend” . U “ w hat is the settlem ent of the affair in question”. 56 u “the sam e” (perhaps the sam e word as u § 54). — F or the construction cf. l “of the same caste as herself”.

The root itself m ay be used w ith the sam e m eaning as most of the shorter forms. Conjugation of the Verb. A. F o rm s fro m th e s h o r t B a se nakalarp nakala kana kano nakalo kafio, naki, nakiwo, [&au>o [nakine 3 kani yaya,-yi biyu, -yi mali • naki kaniwo yayuwo, biyuwo. maliwo nakiwo [-yiwo [-yiwo kanino yayuno, biyuno malino nakino [-yino [•yino 4 kane yaya biya male nake o kan yak mal naku biwo 6 kana yaiia biya mala naka ^ ka(rp)kwo yakwo bikwo malakwo nakakwo 8 kan bit mal nakal yat 9 kanaifi yaixam malam nakam 10 ka(tp)sem yasirp biseqi masem nakaseiji ll ka(tn)le yale bile nakale 12 ka-kam ya-yarn bi-birfi 1 kanam yataip yata yato yawo bilam bila bilo biwo mdlani mala malo 105 56 106 Nr.

Note 2. The -i and -u of these forms are very frequently spelt -I. -a. 4 (a gerundive or infinitive). I -ne, II, III -ya, IV -le, V -e. In N there occur the alternative form s I -mja, II -ca, HI -ja (kamja “to tell” == kane, hlaca “ to speak” = hlaya, seja “to know ” = seya). 5 (a relative participle). — In V the (older) form -o is rarely found; a few instances a fuller form occurs, e. g. 3 (for the usual form khanaku from khanaka-l “to cause to see”). 4* 52 N r. 3. ). — F o r th e form s in -fids, -ndseip see § 102 note.

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