New PDF release: A Functional Grammar of Gooniyandi

By William B. McGregor

ISBN-10: 9027282056

ISBN-13: 9789027282057

This quantity units out to supply a entire description of the grammar of Gooniyandi, a non-Pama-Nyungan language of the southern-central Kimberley zone of Western Australia. It covers phonetics and phonology, notice word and clause constitution, and the semantics of closed-class grammatical goods. the key concentration is, notwithstanding, on which means: how do Gooniyandi audio system suggest with and of their language. To this end,  Read more...

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Unlike the pastoralists, the missionaries DID attempt to modify Aboriginal beliefs, and to stop those traditional practices they deemed heathen (Kolig 1981:23). Shortly after it was established, the Mission opened up the first school in the area, and a hostel for the children from the outlying stations. The speaking of their mother tongues was apparently banned in the hostel (Hudson 1983:13, 174-175). This was probably an important factor in the demise of traditional languages, and the rise of Kriol.

The avoidance verb root gamalg-, for example, occurs with the classifier +MI 'effect' to convey the sense 'tell, say'; with +DI 'catch' to convey the sense 'put a question'; and with +I 'be, go' to convey the sense 'speak, talk'. On the other hand, jag- occurs with only the classifier +MI, jijag- with only +I, and mig a- with only +MI and +I. has a particular auxiliary verb (see page 6 above, and Rumsey I982a: 167) spe~tftc to th~ ~tyle .. In the Bunuba system, the choice of auxiliary verb is not available to dtstmgmsh among the senses of a lexical verb root.

1) Manner system. g. Halliday 1961/ 1976:54,67, Fawcett 1980: 19) of Figure 2-1. 42 PHONETICSANDPHONOLOOY PHONEMES AND THEIR REAUSATIONS Figure 2-1: Manner features . r [+nasal] (/m, n, rn, nh, ny, ng/) _ L [-nasal] (/b, d, rd, th, j, g/) [consonantal] [-liquid] (/r, w, y/) ~ [lateral] (Jl, rl, ly/) [+continuant] [+liquid] [tap] (jdd/) 4: [vocalic] Key: means a orb, but not both. . Th~ first contrast is between consonants and vowels, which are disungmshed by the opposition of features [consonantal] vs.

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